What is CryptoPay?


The CryptoPay system is composed of only two building blocks: the CryptoPay coordinator unit, and one or more CryptoPay swipers. Each swiper can read a credit card, and can run a carwash timer or a Laurel vending machine based on its individual configuration. The coordinator talks to each of the swipers wirelessly, and also talks to computers over the internet to validate credit cards, finalize transactions, and re-configure the swipers when necessary.


Each swiper can be configured remotely by Genesys to change the way the swiper works. The swiper can be set for count-up mode, count-down mode, auto-cashier mode, or vending machine mode. The prices and times can be configured, and several bonus modes are supported. The CryptoPay swiper sports a colorful LED light bar along its length.


This eye-catching feature lets customers know that the credit card reader is working and ready to take a card swipe. The flowing “waterfall” display is very visible at night and gives a carwash bay a new and high-tech look. The swiper can be easily connected to the coin box timer using just three wires.


The CryptoPay coordinator connects to the swipers using a proprietary secure wireless connection. This secure wireless connection enables the car wash owner to put credit card acceptance everywhere in the car wash without running cat5 cabling to every point of sale.

How does it work?


When a customer swipes a credit card in the carwash bay, the swiper first validates the card. The authorization is then sent back to the swiper, which then starts the carwash.


If a customer swipes his or her card several times in one visit (to run the bay again or to purchase a vacuum or vended item), the CryptoPay system “runs a tab” with the credit card customer, and two hours after the last swipe, totals the final charge for the credit card transaction and then sends that final charge off to the processor in one transaction.  This feature saves the merchant (carwash owner) processing fees, because one fee can now cover several card purchases at the carwash. CryptoPay consolidation coupled with low merchant rates provides the car wash owner with significant savings on their transaction fees.


  • Simple, which makes it affordable and easy to install.
  • Rugged enough to survive in a carwash bay environment.
  • Secure wireless connection between swipers and the central collection point.
  • Provides easy installation at lower installation cost while maintaining data security.
  • Reduces credit card processing costs to the absolute minimum, and then squeezes those costs some more.


Side Mount Box with Lock for Credit Card Swiper

A special side mount box if you don’t have enough room on your existing bay meter/timer for the Cryptopay credit card swiper.