The Model 2599MAX Electronic Armor All® Tire Foam Can Vender was designed to vend Armor All® Tire Foam cans (4 oz.). Operates on 24 volt AC power and is price adjustable from 25¢ to $99.75. Comes equipped with a heavy duty stainless steel security frame that will allow your choice of many padlock styles.

◦  LED display shows vend price setting, amount inserted, vend sales counter, etc.
◦  Automatic can vending – no handles to push or pull
◦  Stainless steel cabinet, door & security frame assembly
◦  Price setting is easily changed
◦  Built in vend counter to track total vends
◦  Coin box comes with lock

◦  24 volt AC power required, ½ amp (500 mA) per vender
◦  18 can capacity
◦  Cabinet dimensions: 5 ¼ x 12 ¼ x 42”
◦  Shipping weight: 46 lbs.

Retrofit Kit available to convert from the first generation (1999 – 2015) electronic venders that have the green circuit board to the new DigiMax electronic circuit board, which is blue in color. Kit includes a new door that has the LED window to see the large dot matrix LED display, new DigiMax circuit board, cover and programming decal. DigiMax circuit boards all have a separate plug built in for a Cryptopay credit card swiper.

Vault-Ready cabinets available that have a 2.062” round hole punched through the bottom of the cabinet to route the coins from the coin mechanism down into a vault, or safe. A funnel is inserted in place of the standard coin box. Vault piping is not included.

Bottom Guards are available to protect against coin box removal by a crowbar or similar tool. Mounts on the bottom of the cabinet to disrupt the angle of entry by a crowbar. Fasteners included. (click here to view image)

Coin acceptor choices include:
◦  MA850 – multi-coin
◦  Slugbuster – single coin
◦  Microcoin QL – multi-coin
◦  Magikist iCoin – multi-coin


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