The Model 399MAX Single Column Electronic Drop-shelf Vender can vend many different types of products. Any product that fits on the shelf will vend. This vender operates on 24 volt AC power and is price adjustable from 25¢ to $99.75. Comes equipped with a heavy duty stainless steel security frame that will allow your choice of many padlock styles.

◦  LED display shows vend price setting, amount inserted, vend sales counter, etc.
◦  Automatic vending – no handles to push or pull
◦  Stainless steel cabinet, door & security frame assembly
◦  Price setting is easily changed
◦  Built in vend counter to track total vends

◦  Maximum product size: 1 ¼ x 4 ¼ x 8″
◦  24 volt AC power required, ½ amp (500 mA) per vender
◦  24 vend product capacity
◦  Cabinet dimensions: 5 ¼ x 12 ¼ x 42″
◦  Shipping weight: 49 lbs.

Retrofit Kit available to convert from the first generation (1999 – 2015) electronic venders that have the green circuit board to the new DigiMax electronic circuit board, which is blue in color. Kit includes a new door that has the LED window to see the large dot matrix LED display, new DigiMax circuit board, cover and programming decal. DigiMax circuit boards all have a separate plug built in for a Cryptopay credit card swiper.

Vault-Ready cabinets available that have a 2.062” round hole punched through the bottom of the cabinet to route the coins from the coin mechanism down into a vault, or safe. A funnel is inserted in place of the standard coin box. Vault piping is not included.

Bottom Guard available to protect against coin box removal by a crowbar or similar tool. Mounts on the bottom of the cabinet to disrupt the angle of entry by a crowbar. Fasteners included. (click here to view image)

Coin acceptor choices include:
◦  MA850 – multi-coin
◦  Slugbuster – single coin
◦  Microcoin QL – multi-coin
◦  Magikist iCoin – multi-coin


Update your Laurel Machines today with a Crypto-Pay credit card swiper:

Laurel Metal CryptoPay