We repair/refurbish almost every component of our vending machines. Typically, we can fix most items within 1 day and ship back, so you are not out of service for long. All that is needed is a note inside your carton with your return shipping name/address/phone number and since we will be mailing the repair bill please include an email address or physical address for billing if different than your shipping address.


We don’t currently accept credit card payments, mailing us a check for payment after you have received your part back and are happy with service is the preferred method.


One exception: Older circuit boards from our first-generation electronic vending machines are no longer repairable, these circuit boards are green in color. Primary components of these green circuit boards are no longer available and our supply is exhausted.


The current version of our electronic circuit boards are the ‘DigiMax’ series and these boards are blue for single column machines and red for the 3 or 5 column machines.


Ship items back to our factory address:

Laurel Metal Products
3500 W. Touhy Ave.
Skokie, IL 60076


Three Column

Large Product Vending Machine

Credit Card Vending

Using Nayax Credit Card System

Vending Machine for

Three Products – Drop Shelf

Credit Card System for

Car Washes & Laundry Mats

Vending Machine Repair

Coin Cup Motor Assembly

Vending Machine Repair

Coin Mechanism Overhaul